• Grapefruit Glacé Morning + Bergamot Beurre Evening Face & Body Balm

    With powerful regenerative properties and Vitamin C to strengthen and promote collagen growth, this duo armors your skin barrier against free radicals during the day and hydrates, protects, and restores while you rest.

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  • Face & Neck Plaster Trio

    With ingredients chosen for their exfoliating, antibacterial, cleansing, and repairing properties, this trio of Honey Lime Polenta, Papaya Purée, and Cacao Creme Face and Neck Plasters nourishes your skin’s microbiome leaving it firm, supple, and radiant.

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  • Apple Cider Mignonette Vitamin C Accelerator

    Formulated with our 9-day fermentation process, this naturally pH balancing serum stimulates cellular regeneration and reduces signs of aging by minimizing brown spots and hyperpigmentation.

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Our Products

Each fresh, handmade set of SHIMMERCHEF's plasters and balms is alive with the highest quality whole food, organic ingredients, formulated with our powerful proprietary Vitamin C Infusion Technique to maximize nutritional accessibility. Created for all skin types.

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Our Ingredients

Every ingredient is carefully examined and selected for its powerful nutritional value to create the maximum impact on the health of your skin, scalp, and hair.

SHIMMERCHEF products are formulated with the highest quality organic produce, oils, spices, and butters sourced from purveyors who stand by the integrity of their products.

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Our Philosophy

We believe the products we choose to nourish the outside of our bodies are as important to our well-being as the ones we choose to nourish the inside.

​Inspired by ancient Ayurvedic principles, and informed by cutting-edge research.

Our formulas protect and fuel your skin barrier with our fresh, nutrient dense products. 

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Our Process

SHIMMERCHEF. combines the highest quality natural and organic ingredients with our powerful proprietary nine-day Vitamin C Infusion Technique to maximize nutritional accessibility. 

​Our unique production process supercharges fresh ingredients and nutrients with SHIMMERCHEF. The Vitamin C Infusion Technique delivers a potent microbiome-fueling, pre and probiotic, ph-balancing formula that armors your skin's natural moisture barrier, and empowers its natural renewal process.

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Our Story

Jennifer Sanford’s lifelong curiosity with clean, handmade skin care originated during her teens to combat her cystic acne prone skin.

Using only natural ingredients, she created treatments that greatly reduced the frequency and severity of the acne. The dramatic results fueled an interest in the importance of choosing natural ingredients for skin care.

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