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Sweet Almond Rosehip Brine Body Polish

Sweet Almond Rosehip Brine Body Polish

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Sweet Almond Rosehip Brine Body Polish

4 oz

Formulated with our 9-day Vitamin C Infusion Technique and natural exfoliating ingredients like Himalayan sea salt, pure dead sea salt and maple sugar crystals, these ingredients work together to gently help remove bacteria and slough away dead skin cells. Packed with minerals and nutrients like magnesium, omega 3’s and vitamin E to help support hydration in the deepest layers of the skin and reduce inflammation and irritation leaving you with skin that looks and feels more smooth and shimmery!

INGREDIENTS - Organic papaya, grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime Vitamin C Infusion peels, organic himalayan sea salt, organic maple sugar crystals, 100% dead sea salt, organic sweet almond oil, organic raw honey, organic rosehip oil, organic bergamot essential oil.


Delivery is available anywhere in U.S. Your order will come in a cold pack that is stable for 72+ hours.


​All items in the S H I M M E R  C H E F product line are alive with nutrients and must be refrigerated.


​Our entire product line carries the MADE SAFE® seal, certifying that they are screened for over 6,500 harmful substances known to harm human and environmental health.

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