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Shimmer Chef

Face & Neck Plaster Trio

Face & Neck Plaster Trio

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Honey Lime Polenta 3.5 oz         


A combination of natural nutritional powerhouse ingredients chosen for their exfoliating, antibacterial, cleansing, and repairing properties. This plaster will strip away damaging bacteria while fortifying your skin barrier.

Papaya Purée 4 oz    


A balancing formula that uses our 9-day Vitamin C Infusion Technique to further weaken and remove dead skin cells and impurities, while nourishing microbiome friendly bacteria. Loaded with pre and probiotic nutrients, your skin is healthier and more capable of fighting off environmental stressors.


Cocoa Crème 3.5 oz   

Packed with moisturizing antibacterial fatty acids and oils, this plaster nourishes your skin while making it firm, supple, and radiant.

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