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Hibiscus Rosemary Compote Hair & Scalp Fortifier

Hibiscus Rosemary Compote Hair & Scalp Fortifier

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Hibiscus Rosemary Compote Hair & Scalp Fortifier

8 oz

This nutrient-rich hair & scalp fortifier improves cellular regeneration while balancing your scalp microbiome to help prevent premature graying and dandruff and relieve a dry, itchy scalp. Crafted with powerhouse ingredients including Hibiscus Powder for its natural conditioning and strengthening properties and Rosemary Essential Oil to improve both hair thickness and hair growth, this formula will leave your scalp and mane stronger and silkier than ever.

INGREDIENTS - Organic papaya, grapefruit, orange, lemon & lime Vitamin C Infusion peels, organic agar, organic coconut yogurt, organic hibiscus powder, organic aloe vera, organic papaya juice, organic raw honey, organic lemon juice, organic grapefruit juice, organic lime juice, organic orange juice, organic rosemary essential oil.


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