We believe the products we use on the outside of our bodies are as important to our well-being as the ones we choose to nourish the inside.





Our innovative skin and hair care line requires a new way to use your beauty products. Please be sure to follow directions carefully. In short order, you will be accustomed to this novel method.

Honey Lime Polenta Application.jpg





Honey Lime Polenta Application.jpg

Use the brush to apply the first layer of the Honey Lime Polenta Face & Neck Plaster. Continue building the base until your face and neck are covered in a thick shield. Each plaster has enough for two full applications.

Honey Lime Polenta Application


Apply and remove each Face & Neck Plaster with the brush and spatula included with your SHIMMERESSENTIALS Set



brush & spatula final.jpg


IMG_1757 2.jpg

Depending on your skin sensitivity and its nutritional needs, leave plaster in place from 10 to 40 minutes. Slightly moisten the your face and neck with water, and use the spatula to gently remove the formed plaster.

Use a wet paper towel or washcloth to remove any remaining plaster. Dispose of the used plaster in the kitchen trash.

Honey Lime Polenta Removal


IMG_1761_Facetune_02-03-2021-14-57-38 2.


Repeat the application process using the second plaster. 

Papaya Purée Application 

IMG_1753 2.jpg


Repeat this process with the Cacao Creme Face & Neck Plaster.

Cacao Creme Application 

Papaya Puree Removal.jpg


Again, leave plaster in place for 10 to 40 minutes. Then use the spatula to gently remove the formed plaster.

Papaya Purée Removal 

Cacao Creme Removal.jpg


Gently remove the final plaster. Do not wash your face. The residue from these formulas will continue their healing powers on your skin. 

Cacao Creme Removal

Skin Cream.jpg

Follow the Face & Neck Plasters with the Grapefruit Glacé Morning Skin Cream or Bergamot Beurre Evening Skin Cream as a sealant to lock in the plasters’ nutrients onto your skin barrier.

Seal in the Nutrients

Scalp and Hair Plaster

*Store the plaster in your refrigerator. Use within one week.

Remove scalp and hair plaster from the refrigerator an hour before use to bring it to room temperature. 


Start the process with dry hair, separated into small sections. Using your fingertips, scoop out a large dollop of plaster, and gently massage it into your scalp, pressing down to the ends of each strand. Repeat this system until your full head of hair and scalp are saturated with the plaster. Use the entire serving of the plaster.


Depending on your hair’s health and nutritional needs, leave plaster in place from 1 to 3 hours.


To remove, do not get hair wet! Apply a generous amount of shampoo directly onto plastered hair, from scalp to ends. Then add a small amount of water to create a light lather. Proceed to shampoo hair as usual, rinsing thoroughly until water runs clear. A second shampooing may be needed.


Follow up with conditioner if desired.

Apply hair plaster onto small sections of dry hair and scalp until saturated.



To remove, apply shampoo directly onto plastered hair. Then shampoo as usual.


Vitamin C Accelerator shake.jpg

Apple Cider Mignonette Vitamin C Accelerator

Shake the bottle well to activate the vitamin C accelerator.


Vitamin C Accelerator press.JPG

Soak a cotton pad with the vitamin C accelerator and press into your face and neck at 30 second intervals. Resoak the pad as needed. Let the vitamin C dry for a few minutes, then apply the morning or evening face and body balm.


Sweet Almond Rosehip Brine Body Polish

Apply the brine in the shower to dry skin, rubbing gently to exfoliate and saturate your skin with vitamins. Rinse off. Apply morning or evening face and body balm to seal in the nutrients.

body polish apply.JPG

Hibiscus Rosemary Compote Hair & Scalp Fortifier

Apply the compote in the shower to scalp and dry hair. Leave in for 10 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly. Shampoo and condition hair as usual.

hair fortifier apply.JPG

Face & Body Balms

*Balms can be stored in your refrigerator or bathroom cabinet. Use within one week.


SHIMMERCHEF Morning and Evening Face and Body Balms are designed for your entire body. These luxurious and healing creams are non-comedogenic. The creams glide on easily, and will appear oily until nutrient absorption is complete. 


For best results, remove from the refrigerator 30 minutes prior to using. Apply a liberal amount to your body soon after showering to seal in moisture, armoring your skin while creating a slight shimmer. Apply a lesser amount of the cream to your face, depending on its hydration and nutritional needs.


Apply after completing the face and neck plasters to retain maximum nutrient availability and to create a protective covering. Your face and neck will require a much smaller amount of cream for a healthy, radiant glow.

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