Culinary Plasters have been Used Medicinally for Centuries to Bring our Body Back into Balance







Grapefruit Glace Morning Face & Body Balm

Supercharged with Vitamin C to strengthen and promote collagen growth, and natural butters and oils to armor you skin barrier against free radicals, this balm leaves your skin hydrated and luminous. It also has antimicrobials that fight off bacteria, and mood uplifting properties to get your day started with confidence.

S H I M M E R   E S S E N T I A L S

34 Nutrient dense, pre and probiotic ingredients were carefully selected for our formulas to make you shimmer on the inside and the outside. Using a nine-day fermentation process to maximize the bio-availability of the Vitamin C and other powerful nutrients in these ingredients, our skin barrier is nourished in a totally revolutionary way.

With weekly use of S H I M M E R CHEF plasters and balms your skin and hair become healthier, rejuvenated, and radiant with a healthy glow that only comes from nature.


S H I M M E R  C H E F

Face & Neck Plasters 

Culinary plasters have been used medicinally for centuries to bring our body back into balance.

  We have carefully selected the most powerful ingredients, enhanced them with our innovative Vitamin C Prebiotic Infusion to develop a beauty line that balances, nourishes, and hydrates our skin, scalp, and hair. With repeated use, our plasters supply nutrients that promote cellular rejuvenation and overall vitality. The proof: vibrant skin and hair that looks and feels silky and healthy.




S H I M M E R I N G  S A T I S F A C T I O N

"It took me several tries to get used to the weekly program, but now it’s simple. As a mom of three boys, I try to take great care of myself so I can keep up with them. My skin is now so soft and shimmery, and I look and feel healthier.

With S H I M M E R  E S S E N T I A L S I finally have a beauty line I can trust. I can’t imagine using anything else."

- Erin K.


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