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A combination of natural nutritional powerhouse ingredients chosen for their exfoliating, antibacterial, cleansing, and repairing properties. This plaster will strip away damaging bacteria while fortifying your skin barrier.

INGREDIENTS - organic yellow cornmeal, organic lime rind, organic golden flaxseeds, organic avocado oil, organic aloe vera, organic lime juice, Manuka honey k factor 16.

Honey Lime Polenta Face and Neck Plaster



Stay S H I M M E R Y !  Save 20% with a once per week subscription.


Delivery is available anywhere in U.S. for flat rate of $15. Your order will come in a cold pack that is stable for 12+ hours. 


All items in the SHIMMERCHEF product line are alive with nutrients and must be refrigerated.  


Our entire product line carries the MADE SAFE seal, certifying that they are screened for over 6,500 harmful substances known to harm human and environmental health.

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